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Devotional Story

Angel's Inn Disguised Remember to welcome strangers in your homes. There are some who did that and welcomed angels without knowing it. Hebrews 13:2, TEV.

With a week's leave from the Marine Corps, Lance and his wife, Linda, headed home to Seattle for Christmas, a 1,000 mile, 24 hour drive from their home in California. Four hundred miles into their trip their car quit running in the tiny town of Avalon, California.

With nothing else to do, the couple walked to a nearby lighted church, where they were welcomed by a friendly woman. When she learned their predicament, she insisted they come home with her and her husband. For two days they treated Lance and Linda like family.

When the money wired from Lance and Linda's family got lost, their hosts paid the car repair bill. “Repay us when you can,” they said. “We want you home for Christmas.”

Overcome with gratitude, Linda blurted, “I don't know how to thank you. You've been like angels!”

To which their host replied, “The Bible tells us to entertain strangers, so to us, you're the angels.”

Linda and Lance made it home to Washington and on the return trip to their home in southern California repaid their bill. The couple will always remember the time they stayed at the “Angels' Inn” disguised.

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